What Our Guests Say

What People are Saying about our Retreats

A life changing retreat. Take a stellar location with beautiful and comfortable accommodations, throw in incredible people, offer unique and powerful network chiropractic entrainments, add (aerial) yoga, ecstatic/tantric dance and nourishing food. Wrap it all up with the sparkly, shiny bow that is Dr. Erin Pollinger and it all adds up to be a remarkable, ground breaking, life altering, soul shaking experience you will never, ever forget. Do yourself the biggest favor and sign up for this week of PURA VIDA amazingness!
~ Sharon Kimberly, LMT, Bethel, Connecticut

Perfection! I loved the space to just be, the unconditional support to explore within my own being. To rejoice in the release of old patterns, dance into the realization of my soul self. The accommodations were superb. The placement of activities were comfortable and provided a feeling of privacy. The views, oh the views! Just to sit in the soft Costa Rican breezes while looking out on the beautiful rainforest jungle valley is in itself healing. Add to that Erin’s entrainments and Chanti’s guided invitation back to our self knowledge and the experience becomes a one of a kind opportunity. A self given gift of life in joy, expansion, and loving community.
~ Penny, Equine Specialist, Ashland, Oregon

Let go of worry and expectations and relax in a beautiful mountain jungle just above Dominical! I had an amazing time connecting with new people, growing deeper with current friends, and simply enjoying the peacefulness of the land and all its inhabitants. Days were filled with amazing scenic vistas at every step, meditation, yoga, healing, and delicious authentic Costa Rican cuisine. I am so very thankful and filled with immense gratitude that I had the opportunity to join Erin on this retreat and to experience an unforgettable and enlightening vacation.
Chad, Ashland, Oregon

I loved the combination of yoga and network and how you two worked together! The land was so amazing to be on. I loved the network entrainments and Somatic Respiratory Integration. I loved the tantric dance. I loved the sunrise rituals. The retreat was amazing!
Peg, Network Chiropractor, Santa Cruz, California

Outstanding retreat! The location, housing, logistics, structure and food were all excellent. All of my needs were easily met. The retreat was beyond my expectations. Both of you are masterful in your modalities and so beautifully articulate. It was fun, profoundly healing, joy-filled, energetic, sweet, flexible, and deeply gentle. Ken, Erin’s father and host, was an unexpected bonus! I really enjoyed the size of our group, your leadership, timelines and flexibility. The rhythm was perfect for me. A balance of breathing in and out. I felt deeply cared for, honored, loved and seen for who I am. I adore and love you both. Thank you for being you.
Julia, Coach, Santa Cruz, California

The ability of Erin’s network care to realign, reconnect and rejuvenate was wonderful. The tantric dance was an opportunity to move from our grounded center. Chanti’s understanding of the human systems and ability to communicate all that you know was spectacular. You midwifed a new and old birth experience for me. Between the two of you there was so much support and fuel for our growth and expansion. Thank you!
~ Lauren, Artist, Ashland, Oregon

The accommodations were excellent! You thought of so much. The food was abundant and delicious.
~ Kathryn, Retired Teacher, Oakland, California

I loved the wisdom and teaching of Chanti’s yoga, it was very educational! Chanti and Erin make an unstoppable team, sharing your practice, love and dedication with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the safe space to find myself.
~ Lisa, Yoga Teacher, Arcata, California and Costa Rica

Wow! The teamwork and partnership between Erin and Chanti was amazing. It created a holding space for whatever transpired. I loved their intention and gentle strength, their stamina and generosity. I appreciated the freedom to be one’s self without judgement. It was a transformative experience from the inside out and the outside in. A safe haven, a refuge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
~ Shauna, Marriage and Family Therapist, Artist, Grass Valley, California

Chanti and Erin created such a safe and joyous space while also holding the container for us to heal, unwind and be. I loved the gratitude magic book practice and the horseback waterfall experience. Thank you!
~ Megan, Acupuncturist, Ashland, Oregon